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Your Concerns

People come to counselling for many different reasons. I work with clients to bring about positive and lasting change in peoples lives,  be it change in their personal emotional wellbeing,  their relationships,  or with other aspects of personal,  social,  or intimate life –  enabling them to move beyond those blocks or crises towards growth and fulfilment.

I believe that people have within themselves the innate ability to access the strengths and resources to cope with most of the difficulties and problems that life can present. However sometimes people need some support and guidance in accessing these characteristics within themselves during times of stress or crisis. With the development of an empathetic alliance with a skilful therapist this can be achieved with lasting effect.

It’s often difficult to put a name to feelings of emotional pain and distress. Sometimes it can be positively unhelpful to be labelled with a ‘diagnosis’. After all we are all normal people dealing in our own ways with the uncertainties of our lives, often with difficulties stemming from our pasts. 

Whatever difficulty you may find yourself facing,  I hope you will find your experience of therapy with me will provide you with the support and change you desire.

Some of the specific problems that people come to counselling for include;

Anxiety, Abuse,  Addiction, Couples Therapy, Depression,  Disability,  Food Issues,  Grief &  Loss, Individuals on the Autistic Spectrum, Post Traumatic Stress,  Self-Esteem,  Sexuality,  Spirituality,  Trauma

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