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Anne 40

When I started seeing Mark, I had a list of things I wanted to deal with. It quickly became clear to me that Mark wanted to heal the “whole” of me. His patience, understanding and the care he has shown me has led to some amazing changes. I don’t know where I’d be – or who I’d be today without Mark’s help and guidance.

It was the relationship and bond that Mark created that really helped me to heal. He has taught me to start trusting again – and that has only happened because of the trust I have in Mark.

Mark genuinely cares about his clients as people and individuals.


Eve, 15

Finding Mark has really made a difference with how I am able to cope with such difficult tines with friends and people at school. Thank you so much.


Adam, 35

My sessions with Mark have really turned my life around. Before coming to see him I felt completely trapped by the events in my life, however thanks to the space that Mark created in our sessions I have gradually learnt to see thing from a new perspective. Thank you.


Julia, 41

I cant thank you, Mark enough for what you have done for me, and I feel emotional as I write this. You are truly amazing at what you do and have pushed me to recognise things I had no idea I had inside. I really do thank you.


Jane, 44

Working with Mark has really helped me to cope with such a stressful period following my divorce. My depression has shifted and I can now see a brighter future. Thanks so much.


Simon, 49

Understanding my emotions has always been difficult – but following an 12 month period of working with Mark, I have learnt to understand myself more than ever which has improved my relationships immensely.


Mike, 19

I have always found it difficult to deal with emotional matters on my own. Thanks to Mark’s calm and rational approach, I have been able to deal with my problems much better.